Drastically Downsize Military For National Economic Prosperity

In the United States of America many of our elected representatives are working very hard to bring more social programs to the American people. Unfortunately, these social programs cost a lot of money to start, and as they grow they keep consuming large amounts of money, adding to our already intense debt. In reality, the only thing our government is supposed to do for us at the federal level is to provide a common defense to the American people; military.

That should come first and foremost, and everything else is secondary. Unfortunately, what we are doing now is that we are piling on the social programs, and then looking to cut military budget to pay for them. Not long ago, an acquaintance of mine, and I use that term extremely loosely, as she is an anti-war activist told me that those nations that drastically downsize their military had inner economic wealth in their countries.

To this I stated; “Foolish and Temporary!”
Her examples were several Nordic countries, and Canada. And I noticed that she didn’t mention many smaller countries that are bullied around by their larger neighbors and rely on NATO, the UN, or their alliances with the United States of America to help defend them, have their military defense through us, but what if we didn’t help? Thus, if they had to defend themselves, they couldn’t. We all know that the United Nations allows major controversies, and human rights abuses to go on in the world today without lifting a finger.

We also know that NATO is crumbling, and if it falls apart all those nations that did not spend money on their military may not have the support they need to back them up if something happens. Human history shows us that things always happen, and this is why it is both foolish and temporary for the United States to drastically downsize their military, and then take that money and spend it unwisely on incessant social programs, which will only grow and compound our current debt. Please consider all this.